Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I Make a Claim, Will My Rates Go Up?

A. Ontario insurance companies provide coverage for rehabilitation, medications, loss of income etc., regardless of who is at fault. Any money spent for these expenses by the insurance company will not affect your auto insurance renewal rates. Your annual premium is based on your driving record, type of car, and the number of at-fault accidents you may have had in the past.

Q. What are First Party Benefits?

A. This is how your insurance contract is drafted:When you sign your auto policy, you become a "party" to the contract. Since the insurance company issues the policy, they are the First Party in the contract. They may agree to provide coverage for liability etc. If you are injured, they pay the cost (the benefit) for rehab, loss of income etc. These expenses are the first party benefits. The amounts to be paid (minimum and maximum)are described in your auto insurance policy. These are also commonly known as "No Fault Benefits" because you are eligible to receive them regardless of who may be at fault in the accident.

Q. What is a Tort?

A. Another car hit you!The driver of the car who hit you is an "outsider" to your insurance policy, thus he is the third party. If you sue the other driver's insurance company, this is called a third party action or tort. Tort cases are different from First Party Benefit cases. They are heard in court, and issues such as who is at fault may have bearing on the outcome of the case.

Q. Do I get a Free Consultation?

A. Yes! Most often, a simple phone call to the office will answer your questions. On occasion, we do have clients bring in boxes of files to read.The time spent looking over all your documents and reviewing your options is absolutely FREE.
In a consultation, we will tell you everything you need to know.